Current Project

‘What if?’ – The Hope Scenarios

Written & Directed by Louise Tiranoff

Produced by Lynne McVeigh

When the hardworking scientists of the Video Natural History Lab–a university research facility which uses video technology to document and study rare genetic disorders–suddenly lose their research grant from the National Institute of Health, thanks to the quick-thinking of head-scientist Dr. Jenny Scarlatti’s team, their efforts grab the attention of EE-Hub, the university’s leading newspaper which focuses on entrepreneurial and business success stories.  With the hope of saving their lab’s follow-up efforts on the Angelman Project and expand their resources to document the over 7,000+ rare disorders, will their database of video on patients with Angelman syndrome be considered revolutionary enough for the EE-Hub paper to run their story?

With rehearsals underway, ‘What if?’ shoots in a two-camera studio on June 16th, 23rd, and 30th at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and features a diverse cast, with and without disabilities:

Dr. Jenny Scarlatti, the Laboratory’s Head Scientist whose efforts to save their NIH grants determines the fate of the lab’s future – Played by Stephanie Kavasansky

Tommy Lee, the Producer of the Lab’s Video Natural History Project whose sight is set on Troy’s follow-up with the Angelman Project – Played by Tommy Ge

Savannah Gabriel, the Videographer of the Lab’s Video Natural History Project who has been keeping her rare disorder a secret from the rest of her team – Played by Epiphany Samuels

Dr. Elizabeth Phillips, the Laboratory’s Key Video Researcher and Analyst who is actively working on the Angelman Project – Played by Fiona Hall

Kemiah & Nia, Dr. Phillip’s curious eight-year-old twin daughters, who spend their afternoons doing homework, playing video games and helping out the team at the Lab – Played by Kemiah Lyte & Nia Gomez

Patrick Murphy, the Laboratory’s leading specialist on Angelman Syndrome whose wealth of knowledge aids in educating others, especially the reporters of EE-Hub, about their Lab’s research and work – Played by Matthew Poltorak

Hasan, the University’s reliable, fun-loving, tap-dancing Security Guard who greets Kemiah and Nia everyday after school – Played by Carter E. Glace

Louis Vargas, EE-Hub’s leading news reporter whose primary sights on monetary progress and business ventures prevents him from seeing the bigger picture and greater significance of the Lab’s Video Collection – Played by Bailey Riter

Maya Rodriguez, EE-Hub’s leading photojournalist whose curiosity about the Lab’s work allows her to get Louis on board with running a news story – Played by Giovanna Drummond

Maddie & Sam, best friends and advocates for individuals with rare diseases whose interviews with EE-Hub and interest in the Video Natural History Lab leads them to encourage the Lab’s researchers to document all 7,000+ rare disorders – Played by Maddie Shaw & Samantha Myers

Beverly & Trent, Troy’s grandmother and younger brother who visit the Video Natural History Lab with the follow up tapes of Troy to share with the world who Troy really is – Played by Beverly Johnson and Trent Adams

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